- Vocabulary: scenic feature, vehicles, maintenance, devastating, approximately, completely

3. Skills: Integrated skills

4. Method: Communicative approach

5. Techniques: Questions và answers, True or False, pair work và group work

6. Teaching aids: Textbook, flash cards, projector, chalk, board.


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LESSON PLANTeacher:TÔ PHƯƠNG THẢOLesson: LISTENING - Unit 10 - NATURE IN DANGERClass:11Date:Thursday, Oct 21st, 2015Time allotted:45 minutesPeriod:Aims & objects:To help students learn more about the national parks.To provide students with the knowledge of the national parks in USA.Listen for comprehension và summarize about national parks.Enlarge the vocabulary about National parks.Language: Vocabulary: scenic feature, vehicles, maintenance, devastating, approximately, completelySkills: Integrated skillsMethod: Communicative approachTechniques: Questions and answers, True or False, pair work và group workTeaching aids: Textbook, flash cards, projector, chalk, board.TEACHING PROCEDURETeaching steps & time locationTeacher’s activitiesStudents’ activitiesI. Stabilization (1m)- Greets students & introduces observing teachers- Checks the attendance - Greet the teacher-The monitor answersII. Presentation (38ms) 1. Lead-in: (4ms)- Asks students to look at the screen- Gives them a picture of the national park- Asks them some questions about it1. What can you see in it?2. What is the picture about?3. Vày you know where it is?4. What interesting things does it have?(Questions 3 & 4are used khổng lồ lead to lớn the lesson)- Leads lớn the lesson: “In order to answer these two questions và know more details the national parks, we are going to learn part C. Listening in unit 10 – NATURAL IN DANGER2. Pre-listening: (10ms)- Asks students lớn look at the screen- Shows some pictures about national parks & the names- Asks students to lớn work in groups of 4 to lớn match with the right pictures.2.1.43A.Cat Tien national parkB. Phong Nha – Ke Bang national parkC. Cuc Phuong National parkD. Cham IslandE. Cat tía national park5- Goes around and help students of necessary- Invites one representative from each group to speak out their answers.- Gives feedback- Presents some words appearing in the tape:+ scenic (a): belonging to lớn the scene+ feature (n): characteristicsà scenic features: characteristics of scene+ devastating (a): causing a lot of damage or destruction ~ destructive+ maintain (v): àmaintenance (n):+approximately (adv):+ vehicles (n): car, bus, train, plane, xe đạp (shows a picture)+ completely (adv):- Asks students to listen and repeat3. While – listening: (18ms)- “You are going khổng lồ listen about the national park in the USA. Then vì chưng Task 1.Task 1: Listen lớn the passage và decide if the following statements are true (T) or (F).- Asks students to read the questions carefully and find down the key words. Then checks with the whole class- Gets students to guess the answers of each questions- Plays the tape- Asks students to kiểm tra the answers with their partners- Plays the tape again to find evidences and checks the answers with the whole classTask 2: Listen again và answer the questions.-Asks students to lớn read carefully the questions & find out the key words-Plays the tape again & encourages students khổng lồ take note the answers- “Ok, to help you feel easier to lớn answer these questions, here, I suggest you some options.”1. How many national parks are there in the USA?A. 52B. 25C. 502. How many people visit national parks every year?A. Thousands of people visit national parks every yearB. Millions of people visit national parks every yearC. Millions of people visit national parks every two year3. Can you name some of the problems which national parks are currently facing?A. Rare animals are killed or hunted for fur, skin or other parts.B. Large areas experience devastating fires caused by careless people.C. The increasing number of visitors is harming the parks due to the pollution from their vehicles.D. All A, B and C4. What should be done to protect them?A. Rare animals and trees should be protected.B. Fires caused by careless ones should be limited.C. Pollution form visitors’ vehicles should be decreased.D. Money should be raised for the parks’ staff & maintenance of the resources.E. All A, B, C, và D- Asks students to lớn work in pairs and answer the questions.-Gives feedback4. Post- listening: (5ms)-Ask them lớn summarize the listening text by filling the gaps based on Task 1 and Task 2-Gives students some pieces of paperNational parks are lớn protect và (1) .............. The natural beauty of land. They (2)............ A variety of scenic features. There are (3) ......... National parks in the US and (4).............. Of people visit it every year. Many national parks are in (5) .............. Of being destroyed. If their problems are not solved, they will be (6)................. Completely.-Asks them work in groups of 4-Goes round and helps students if necessary-Asks some students to lớn stand up and retell the national parks in the USA khổng lồ the class-Listen and correct mistakes- Listen và do as told- Look at the board- Listen và answer the questionsExpected answers:1. I can see trees, animals, grass, forest2. It is about the national park.3. 4.- Listen khổng lồ the teacher- Look at the screen-Work in groupsExpected answers:1.E 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.A-Listen to lớn the teacher & take note-Listen & repeat-Listen to lớn the teacher-Listen khổng lồ the teacher-Listen khổng lồ the teacher và do as told-Answer lớn the teacher-Listen & do Task 1-Compare the answersExpected answers:1.T 2.T 3.F 4.T 5.T-Listen lớn the teacher và do as told-Listen and do Task 2-Work in pairsExpected answers:1.A 2.B 3.D 4.D-Do as told-Work in groups-Speak out the summaryExpected answers:1.preserve2.contain3.524.millions5.danger6.destroyedIII. Consolidation (6ms)-Lets students lớn play the game CROSSWORD to lớn reinforce the lesson.-Tells them the rule:+ There are 8 crosswords from one to eight.+ One word in each row may appear one or more letters being in the key word.+ The key word consists of 2 words, with 12 letters.+ Anyone can choose a number, and then each group has to raise your hand khổng lồ gain the right of answering.+ You can get 1 mark with a right answer và 2 mark for the key words-Checks the answers và gives feedback.-Gives students some gifts-Listen to the teacher-Listen to the teacher-Check with the teacherIII. Homework (1ms)-Learn by heart the new words-Summarize the listening text-Prepare the next lesson – writing-Take cảnh báo or write down in notebookIV. Self – evaluation