The star of this show is the squiggly synth that comes in after the first two choruses. It sounds like a galactic saxophone, providing a payoff after some claps, kick drum and percussion build throughout the chorus. It hits just as Daya sings the last "Don"t let me down" in the chorus, & then she repeats that line during the instrumental break as the synthy sax continues.The break after the third chorus is different: instead of the synth, a real saxophone part comes in, which keeps it fresh & adds an organic element khổng lồ the song.

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The production features that pulsing, synth-driven drop, but the tuy vậy also sticks thanks to sheer title repetition: "Don"t Let Me Down" is heard 26 times in the song, including several times near the over of the tuy nhiên as it resolves to a close.
This song was co-written by Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, Scott Harris, and Emily Warren. Harris explained to lớn Songwriter Universe how the collaboration came to fruition. "Emily và I write together all the time," he said. "I"ve written more songs with her than anybody else by a lot. We just get each other & it"s a really comfortable environment when we are together. She had done a tuy nhiên with The Chainsmokers và was basically like, we HAVE to lớn work with them. We had a session in Drew"s apartment & he played us the beginning of the track that eventually became "Don"t Let Me Down." We had a brief conversation about not overthinking anything and Drew was the one who was quickly like, don"t mess with that chorus, that"s it! Me & Emily had just come back from Coachella and were talking about writing a tuy nhiên that could make people really feel something at a festival. Had no idea it would actually be that song."

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The Chainsmokers revealed to Rolling Stone that Rihanna turned down the chance khổng lồ record this tuy nhiên with them. However the duo was OK with the rejection as they enjoy collaborating with undervalued talent, such as the then up-and-coming Daya. Alex Pall explained, "Young unknown artists have this hunger – they"re willing lớn work really hard."
Marcus Kuhne directed the video, which finds the Chainsmokers duo driving through the woods when they encounter Daya and her crew, which apparently have telekinetic powers. The girls won"t let them down, levitating them against their will.

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The Chainsmokers first got lớn know Emily Warren after picking up her breakup tune "Until You Were Gone." Drew Taggart set up a writing session with her & fellow songwriter Scott Harris, which resulted in this song. Warren told Billboard magazine the collaboration was an organic & a natural experience:"Me and Scott were at Drew"s apartment in New York; he was living in new york at the time. It was really easy. I think the whole tuy nhiên came together in a couple of hours. Drew had a lot of energy, he had the whole track kind of nearly done at that point & was kind of picking out what we were doing và was just really positive to work with."