Grade 9


By the end of the lesson , students will be able to lớn know about more one of the important celebrations in australia and the US A : Father’s day through the readings about opinions , feeling & memories of children about their fathers

II. Language contents

1.vocabulary: chiến bại heart (v) groom(n),hug(v),considerate(a),priority (n), terrific (a), tear (n)

2. Grammar: Use the relative pronoun

3. Skills : Listening- Speaking- Reading- Writing

III. Techniques : pairworks , groupworks, individually

IV. Teaching aids: pictuires , poster , CD player .


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Period 55week 28 Date : March 3rdTheme: RECREATIONTopic : Celebrations & FestivalsUNIT 8: CELEBRATIONSREADI.Objectives:By the kết thúc of the lesson , students will be able to lớn know about more one of the important celebrations in nước australia and the US A : Father’s day through the readings about opinions , feeling & memories of children about their fathersII. Language contents1.vocabulary: thua trận heart (v) groom(n),hug(v),considerate(a),priority (n), terrific (a), tear (n)2. Grammar: Use the relative pronoun3. Skills : Listening- Speaking- Reading- WritingIII. Techniques : pairworks , groupworks, individuallyIV. Teaching aids: pictuires , poster , CD player.V.ProcedureStages/ timeTeacher’s activitiesSts’activitiesWarm up :5’Pre-reading :10’While- reading :22’Post- reading :7’Homework: 1’Table completion-Asks sts lớn look at the table containing 10 important celebrations in vietnam and their dates-Remarks the group with the completed table in the shortest time will be the winner-Reads the table againCelebrations Date1. Lunar New Year2. Valentine’s day3. International women’s day4. Teacher’s day5. Victory day6. Student’s day7. Mid Fall Festival8. May Day9. Christmas10 .People’s Army founding Anniversary1.114.28.320.1130. khổng lồ the new lessonUNIT 8: CELEBRATIONSREAD* pre-teach vocabularylose heart (v) mất niềm tingroom (n) chú rể ( picture)hug (n) ôm ( action)considerate (a) thân mật ( explaination)priority (n) sự ưu tiên( example)distinguish (v) phân minh ( example)terrific(adj) hoàn hảo và tuyệt vời nhất = wonderfulcheck vocabulary: “ slap the board”-sets the sence “ Father’s day is the time when children show the feelings respect & great love khổng lồ their fathers the followning are opinions ,feelings & memories of children about their fathers”-Asks sts lớn work in groups khổng lồ answer the questionsRITA ( Australia)+Who vì chưng you think Rita sends this thẻ to ?+ what does that person teach her ?+ Does she love him / her ?JANE ( USA)+ Is jane’s father alive or dead ? How bởi you know this?+Has jane got married ? If Yes, what did her father vị on her wedding day ?BOB( Australia)+ what quality make Bob’s father different from others?+Is Bob proud of his fayher ?-Calls on representatives from each group to present before class-Corrects mistakesAnswerRITA ( nước australia )+ khổng lồ her father+ he teaches her how to lớn love, cry and laugh+ yes , she doesJANE ( USA)+ He is possibly dead . These ideas may tell about that “ How much are missed I now have children , Dad.”+Yes, she is married with some children on her wedding day , her father stood và give her a hugBOB( Australia)+ his sense of humor makes him different from others+ Yes, he is => what image of a father can you draw fromm the three passage?+ ( a father can be a teacher , a care taker & a friend)-Tells sts to discuss about their fathers-Gives suggestion questions+ can you tell me about your father?+ how old is he? What does he bởi vì ?what does he look lượt thích ?+ what vì you lượt thích best about him?+ what are your feelings & opinions about him?+ which memories vày you have about your father that you remember until now?- Gives assignments & comments+ Learn by heart vocabulary+ Rewrite the answers on the notebooks+ Prepare the part “ WRITE: on page 70-Listen-Join in trò chơi ( groupworks)-Repeat in chorus-Listen-Give meaning-Repeat C .I(Groupworks)-Listen-work in groups in 3’each group answer about one person-Say & write ( pair by pair)-Work in group in 2’-Answer ( one by one)-Take note