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Neither. Correct is:

Nice khổng lồ hear from you again.

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There are two things to lớn notice here:

The present participle of the verb (ending in -ing) should not be preceded by the infinitive marker to, & after the infinitive marker to you should always use the base size of the verb. So it should always be Nice to hear and never Nice to hearing.

Also, there is a difference between to hear and to hear from. The verb to hear just means that you can literally hear and understand what the other person is saying. The phrase to hear from means lớn start or renew a social relationship with someone. In this case, you"re trying lớn say that it was nice to speak with someone again, & you"re not focusing on the physical act of hearing, so you want khổng lồ say "Nice lớn hear from you".

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more comments 5In we would say

Note the "be" in there.

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RobustoRobusto 144k3636 gold badges334334 silver badges569569 bronze badges địa chỉ cửa hàng a phản hồi | 3If you want to use hearing, then say:

Nice hearing from you again.

This is quite common in email, phone conversation, or regular talk.

Otherwise, say:

Nice khổng lồ hear from you again.

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You could also say:

Nice to lớn hear your voice again.

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