Talk about your favorite singer là 1 topic thường gặp gỡ trong IELTS Speaking Part 1. Cùng bạn có tương đối nhiều điều để nói cùng với topic này đó. Hãy thuộc ENG4 “kể” theo topic này nhé. Hy vọng những share dưới đây sẽ giúp bạn tham khảo cho bài xích thi của mình nhé.

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adoring fans: people who love a particular band or singerbackground music: music that is played while something else is happeninga catchy tune: a tuy vậy that is easy lớn remember & makes you want lớn sing itclassical music: music that is regarded as part of a long, formal tradition – nhạc cổ điểnto tải về tracks: to obtain music from the Internetto have a great voice: to lớn sing well – gồm giọng ca tốtto go on tour: to lớn go on a planned series of performances around a region or country- đi lưu diễna huge following: a large number of fanslive music: music that is listened to lớn while it is performed (not recorded)live performance: (see live music) – màn trình diễn trực tiếpa massive hit: a record that sells lots of copiesa music festival: music performances at a venue often over several days – tiệc tùng âm nhạcmusical talent: skilled at music – khả năng âm nhạcto be/sing out of tune: khổng lồ not be in harmony/to sing the wrong notes – hát sai tônga piece of music: an sản phẩm of music – 1 bạn dạng nhạcto play by ear: to lớn play without reading the musical notesa pop group: a small group of people who play or sing pop music together- đội nhạc popto read music: khổng lồ understand & follow written musical notesa rock band: a group of musicians that play rock musicto sing along to: khổng lồ join in singing- hát cùng nhaua sing-song: to sing informally, often with other peoplea slow number: a tuy vậy with a slow tempoto take up a musical instrument: khổng lồ begin learning a musical instrument – học 1 nhạc rứa mớitaste in music: the music someone likes – gu âm nhạcto be tone deaf: to be unable khổng lồ distinguish the different notes in music


Describe a BAND or a SINGER that you like.

You should say

Sample 1:

There are so many talented artists nowadays that it isn’t an easy task lớn pick one of them as my favorite. But I’d like to talk about Sam Smith, a recent world’s phenomenon.

Sam Smith is a young English pop singer – songwriter who rose to lớn fame back in 2012 with single “Latch”, which peaked at number 7 on US Billboard Hot 100 và that’s how I found out about him. Since then, he has released several other hit songs, one of which, “Stay with me” won him 4 Grammy Awards last month.

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Besides the fact that Sam Smith is an extremely talented singer who has a great voice, I find his music very touching và inspirational. He’s a gay man & he’s not afraid khổng lồ show who he is through his music. I think that’s the reason why his music is popular. He stays true to himself và inspires others to bởi the same.

Sample 2:

Talk about your favorite singer

One of my favorite songs is “Bonjour Vietnam”, a song composed and sung by Pham Quynh Anh – A French woman with Vietnamese origins. Though this tuy vậy was released years ago, I still keep it in my “favorite” playlist on my phone.

I first came across this tuy vậy when it was discussed all over the truyền thông during my secondary school years. You see, it’s really rare for such a beautiful tuy nhiên to be written about Vietnam, or the Vietnamese identity for that matter. It’s about a Vietnamese expat desperately wanting khổng lồ learn more about her Vietnamese roots. She also wanted to go to lớn Vietnam someday khổng lồ know for herself whether it was lượt thích what her parents và the media portrayed or not.

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I really wish more chất lượng songs lượt thích this can be produced in the future instead of the meaningless ones that young generations are so obsessed with.