I have had this question for a long time và I couldn"t find any answers for it. I have often heard this sentence from an American interlocutor and also in some movies:

"Would you mind not to bởi vì something?"

I would like to know if it is correct lớn use this sentence in this way.

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No, it is wrong to say:

Would you mind not to vị that?

That must be worded this way:

Would you mind not doing that?

This is one of those places where it actually makes a critical difference whether a to-infinitive or an -ing size is used. The infinitive is not allowed here for this particular construction of to mind plus a VP. Not all VPs are interchangeable. You need the -ing version.


OP"s construction is extremely "non-standard". Many instances in the first page of results from Google Books for "would you mind to" are language guides citing it as an example of incorrect usage, and several others appear khổng lồ be from non-native speakers anyway.

I don"t think there"s any grammatical rule in play here - there"s no fundamental difference between mind and, for example, care. Và we certainly say "Would you care to vì that?" - although in the negative, native speakers invariably prefer "Would you mind not doing that?" rather than "Would you care not to bởi that?" (but you could use wish there without raising eyebrows).

Perhaps because it"s a construction primarily used in "polite/formal" requests, native speakers may be extra careful khổng lồ take note of và replicate the exact khung used by others. Which makes the "idiomatic preference" particularly strong in this case.

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EDIT: I don"t know why all this answer has collected so far is a downvote. I admit this example...

I should not mind lớn die for them, my own dear downs, my comrades true.

But that great heart of Bethlehem, he died for men he never knew.

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