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I. Fill in the gap with a suitable letter.1.I suggest _ _ _ _ ching off some electric devices when it is not very necessary.2.We went lớn Hoan Kiem Lake to see firework despite the _ _ _ _ that it’s very cold.3.In the future, many building will be heated _ _ solar energy.4.I love music although I _ _ _ not play any musical instrument.5.We were disappointed _ _ _ _ she didn’t keep her promise.6.If we keep on using more and more cars, we’ll run _ _ _ of gas.7.Choose the word whose underlined part pronouncced differently from the others: A. SaysB. Prays C. PlaysD. Days8.This movies is not interesting . _ _ _ about going to lớn the concert?9.I am so worried _ _ _ _ I didn’t see her for nearly two weeks.10.The wind nguồn can _ _ used lớn generate electricity.11.The department needs three more computers in order khổng lồ work _ _ _ _ effectively.12.Choose the word whose underlined part pronouncced differently from the others: A. ClimbB. Surburb C. CombD. Doubt13.Are you applying for graduate school, _ _ will you look for a job?14.You should _ _ _ _ up smoking now. It’s very bad for your health.15.We can help save energy if we prepare food carefully _ _ _ _ _ _ we turn on the stove.16.I’m waiting till prices _ _ down before buying my new carpet.17.Dioxins _ _ _ dangerous chemicals because they can cause cancer & birth defects.18.Mr. Robinson is one of the _ _ _ _ _ famous environmentalist in the world.19._ _ _ don’t you install a burglar-alarm in your house?20.A conservationalist is a person who takes an active _ _ _ _ in the protection of the environment.21.25% of the world’s electricity already comes from dams_ _ _ rivers.22.Tom is a careful student, but his brother is _ _ _.23.Choose the word whose underlined part pronouncced differently from the others: A. Clown B. South C. Southern D. Plough24.I sent a card to congratulate Hoa _ _ winning the first prize in the English speaking contest.25.Diana, how about trying that new Chinese restaurant in the West Street? – That’s a good _ _ _ _.26.Choose the word whose main căng thẳng different from the others. A. Favorite B. Government C. Influence D. Identify27.We can prevent floods _ _ planting more trees in this city.28.She speaks very little French _ _ I talked to lớn her through a translater.29.Choose the word with differently underlined part: A. SeaB. SentenceC. SureD. Start30.I know this painting is a forgery. More_ _ _ _, I know who painted it.31._ _ you saw him, would you let me know?32.We invited twenty people to lớn the party, _ _ _ only ten turn up.33.We should _ _ _ _ energy because it is very important in our life và in the future.34.Choose the word whose main bức xúc different from the others. A. Federation B. MausoleumC. Recognition D. Territory35.It hasn’rained for ages, _ _ the ground is very dirty.36.His electricity was _ _ _ off since he hasn’t paid his bill yet.37._ _ _ _ss people stop using dynamite for fishing, a lot of sea life will not be preserved.38.Let’s work together khổng lồ look for a better _ _ _ lớn reduce energy users.39.With the development if science & technology, more và more _ _ _ _gy is used every day.40.I was sick because I spent _ _ _ much time playing in the sun.41.Burning coal is _ _ _ uneconomical khổng lồ heat the house. Gas is much cheaper.42.Don’t forget to lớn _ _ _ _ off the lights when leaving the classroom.43.Choose the word whose main bức xúc different from the others. A. UnderstandB. EngineerC. BenefitD. Japanese44.If you _ _ on wasting your time, you’ll feel sorry about that.45.Choose the word whose main stress different from the others. A. Ethnic B. Area C. CompriseD. Buddhist46.If my mother doesn’t help me, I won’t be _ _ _ _ to lớn study.47.People want to use cars. However, cars require so _ _ _ _ energy to run.48.Choose the word whose main áp lực different from the others. A. ImpressionB. Separate C. OfficialD. Optional49.Nancy insisted on staying until the film ended, al_ _ _ _ _ _ it was so boring.50.All the things which we bought are for the các buổi tiệc nhỏ on the _ _ _ Year’s Eve.51.We stayed a_ _ _ longer because we didn’t want khổng lồ come back to that bad hotel.52.I am very interested in joining the club _ _ _ _ _ _ “Protecting the environment”.53.Even though I had _ _ umbrella, I got very wet in the rain.54.Choose the word whose main găng different from the others. A. Notice B. PeacefulC. RegionD. Divide55.She suggested _ _ _ _ I should phone her later.56.Choose the word whose underlined part pronouncced differently from the others: A. Meat B. Break C. Steak D. Great57.I feel attracted khổng lồ her _ _ her voice is very sweet.58.Odd one out: A. Correspond B. AtmosphereC. InformationD. Politeness59.Tourist usually ____ their waste on the beach. A. Drop offB. Drop byC. Drop outD. Drop in60.Odd one out. A. ResourceB. FenceC. PesticideD. Hedge
61.If he ate _ _ _ _ chocolate, he wouldn’t be overweight.62.Choose the word with differently underlined part A. ElectricalB. TraditionalC. ConvenientD. Fashionable63.On the Christmas morning. Children often xuất hiện their presents that are in their _ _ _ _ _.64.He is always _ _ _ _ _ of his son who has won a scholarship of Ministry of Education.65.Choose the word whose main stress different from the others. A. Chemical B. Effective C. Experience D. Biology66.The po_ _ _ _ _ _ _ comes from factories that burn coal or oil.67.Tung’s wearing a hat be_ _ _ _ _ he doesn’t want people lớn know he’s bold.68.Choose the word that has different main stress pattern. A. AcquaintainceB. GenerousC. OccasionD.distinguish69.Odd one out: A. PriorityB. PreparationC. Satisfactoryd. Decoration70.Choose the word with differently underlined part: A. AncientB. SpecialC. Celebrated. Ocean71.Let’s buy / in celebration / some champagne / safe arrival. / of her /72.Choose the word with differently underlined part: A. SuggestB. PlumberC. Bulbd. Ultimately73.Forest have an important / us / because / with resources / they provide / economic value / timber / such as.74.Choose the word whose underlined part pronouncced differently from the others: A. Continent B. Depend C. Send D. Pretend75.How beautiful she is. She is wearing a … A. Silk pretty purple dressB. Dress silk pretty purpleC. Purple pretty silk dressD. Pretty purple silk dress76.Choose the word whose main stress different from the others. A. Appliance B. Activity C. Adventure D. Average77.Only human / by / being / can communicate / language. / using /78.Choose the word whose main stress different from the others. A. Primary B. Satisfy C. Variety D. Remedy79.He doesn’t mind driving but he prefers … A. DrivingB. Being drivenC. To driveD. Being driving80.She prefers …… A. Ordering lớn orderingB. Ordering than being orderingC ordering to being orderedD. To order81.Choose the word with differently underlined part A. UniteB. UniformC. UniversityD. Underline82.She …. She were good at English so that she could go to lớn London khổng lồ study. A. Wishes B. Wants C. Would love D. Likes83. Choose the word with differently underlined part A. AroundB. MouseC. NervousD. Household84.What ________ ! The rain has not stopped all day. A. A weather B. The weather C. Weather D. An weather85.Choose the word whose main stress different from the others. A. Compulsory B. Population C. Occasionally D. Immediate86.If he had not given me advice, I ___ again. A. Would fail B. Would be failed C. Wouldn"t fail D.would have failed 87.___ I lượt thích the Rolling Stones. A. No need to say B. Don"t need khổng lồ say C. Needless saying D. Needless to lớn say88.Millions of cigarettes ________ every year. A. Is smoke B. Are smoking C. Are smoked D. Are smoke89.Gold, as well as silver ________ in price, he said. A. Have fallen B. Has fallen C. Fall D. Are falling90.Choose the word whose underlined part pronouncced differently from the others: A. NatureB. Natural C. ExplainD. Nation91.My father is ________ man. A. An old B. A old C. Not young D. Not an young92.How much time vì you ________ your homework? A. Make at B. Bring to C. Give for D. Spend on93.They say he has ________ money. A. A lot of B. Plenty C. Lots D. Many94.The radio"s much too loud: please turn it ________. A. Out B.low C. Up D. Down95.He says that he must have ________. A. The all from it B. All it C. The all of it D. It all96.A persion who is interested in consevatio is a conser_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.97.About 200 years ago _ _ _ lived in great harmonywith his environment because industry was not much developed.98.We are talking about the preservation of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ resources.99.I think people should take ( better / much / lot / many ) care of protecting the environment.100. Dung was very good _ _ playing table tennis when he was at university.101. First of all, the mạng internet is a very fast & convenient way _ _ _ us lớn get information.102.That house has been built since January, hasn"t _ _ ?103. No animals run so fast _ _ the Cheetah. 104.A. LearnedB. WatchedC. HelpedD. Wicked105.A. TraysB. SaysC. BaysD. Days106.A. HearsB. Thanks C. Blows D. Coincides107.A. CatsB. TapesC. RidesD. Cook108.A. Measured B. Pleased C. Distinguished D. Managed109.A. ClosesB. Loses C. Loves D. Chooses110.A. LaughedB. Ploughed C. Coughed D. Disliked111.A. SupposedlyB. Rubbed C. Played D. Believed112.A. MarkedlyB. AllegedlyC. NeededD. Walked113.A. LaysB. SaysC. StaysD. Plays114.A. TombsB. LampsC. BrakesD. Invites115.A. GivesB. PhonesC. SwitchesD. Dives 116.The teacher divided class _ _ _ _ 4 groups khổng lồ discuss the problem of water pollution in their town.117. Every one should be responsible in _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the environment.118.A. Disappointed B. Prevented C. Covered D. Persuaded )119. We are afraid to lớn say that we don"t agree _ _ _ _ your project. It causes many bad things to the environment.120. The streets are full _ _ garbage.121. We will provide you _ _ _ _ plastic bags.122.My former teacher has complained to lớn the students _ _ _ _ _ the noise.123.Please tell your teacher the reason _ _ _ your absence yesterday.124.Remember to turn off the lights & the water ( taps / faucets / valves / A&B are correct )125.Have a good trip và ( look into / look out / look up / look after) yourself, dear!126.Recycling paper and paperboard requires 75% ( little / less / least /fewer ) energy to produce than new products.127.If my mother doesn’t help me, I won’t be _ _ _ _ khổng lồ study.128.Please turn _ _ _ the gas cooker. I want to cook my lunch.129.Because _ _ her mother’s sickness, she couldn’t attend our wedding.130.I feel attracted lớn her _ _ _ _ _ _ _ her voice is very sweet.131.We were disappointed _ _ _ _ she didn’t keep her promise.132.She suggested _ _ _ _ I should phone her later.133.Mr Brown is 85 & living alone. He needs somebody lớn _ _ _ _ after him.134.Burning coal is very uneconomical lớn heat the house. Gas is _ _ _ _ cheaper. 135.Diana, how about trying that new Chinese restaurant in the East Street ? – That’s a good _ _ _ _ 136.Why don’t we go _ _ _ for a lunch ? – OK.137.Can you tell me the reasons for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the Mother’s Day ?138.Let’s me congratulate you _ _ your success. 139.The native people _ _ _ live in Scotland are called Scots.140.Nam should be congratulated on _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the exam with high results. 141.I can’t hear what the reporter is saying. Please turn ( on / off / up / down ) the television. 142.Odd one out ( best / worst / least / less ).143. _ _ _ _ vì chưng you have Math ? - Every Monday & Thursday144.I don"t like history _ _ _ _ _ _ _ it"s very difficult.145. I lượt thích travelling around the _ _ _ _ _ . 146. Mr. Nam often _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to lớn work by motorbike.147. He practices ( play / playing / to lớn play / khổng lồ playing ) the piano every afternoon.148.Odd one out ( where / trắng / what / who )149.All his books are _ _ the shelf over there.150.Mai has _ _ toys in her room.151.My father never drinks ( many / lillte / few / O ) coffee for breakfast.152. We _ _ _ _ _ _ protect our environment.153. _ _ _ "_ throw trash on the street.154. Don"t _ _ _ _ flowers in the park.